Used Car Dealer in Calgary

Understanding Vehicle Financing

Transportation is essential if you are living in Calgary. You may decide to acquire a vehicle for daily necessities and getting around the city.

Yes, you may choose to pay in cash if you have the capacity. Like most people, you may still opt to have some vehicle financing loan even with the available money. Another option for you to decide on is whether to set a deal for a brand new vehicle or used car in Calgary.

Understanding Car Financing

A used vehicle financing or used car loan is just like a personal loan. It is intended basically for a pre-owned vehicle in excellent running condition. The borrower then guarantees to pay the loan within a specified term, including the principal amount, additional charges, fees, interest, and taxes that may incur.

How can I Get Financing for a Used Car?

There are multiple ways to secure financing for a used car in Calgary.

Bank Loans

A bank is a direct lender; you go to them, discuss your intentions and check if they will approve you as a borrower. Most banks have difficulty financing used cars, but clients with good credit status are better candidates for approval.

Credit Unions

A credit union is another type of direct lender, and they may have a better chance of approving used cars than banks. A more significant opportunity to acquire used car financing from a credit union is possible if the vehicle is valued at its present rate; typically, it is calculated by the original price less the depreciation cost.

You may get a higher chance of approval in credit unions if you are a member. Some requirements may also include living within a specific approved location and working for an accredited employer or company.


The option for indirect financing from a reputable used car dealer is commonly called in-house financing. There is exceptional used car financing in Calgary that gives high-quality service at reasonable rates.

This type of financing is less likely to rely on outside sources; thus, dealerships have a greater sense of autonomy when approving loans. They may also operate on a no-credit-check option and give a very high approval chance.

You may need to present substantial proof of an established source of finances and a relatively sufficient income to qualify for this type of loan.

Is it Smart to Buy Used Cars?

Answering this question would generally depend on your personal preference and taste when it comes to automobiles. But we will not spare the opportunity to let you know of the substantial advantages of taking a used car as an alternative to brand new units.

The most notable advantage is the low price of a used car compared to a brand new one. Should you buy a secondhand car that has been used for 2 to 3 years only, because you have a chance of purchasing it within a 30 to 35 percent discount already? Aside from that, used cars depreciate slower; most of them are well equipped, reliable, and have a balanced warranty.

Used Car Financing in Calgary

Getting a vehicle would require your consideration and calculation of several possibilities until you find out what will work best for you. If choosing a used car and securing superb financing deals is the most beneficial for you, connect with Prime Autos today!