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Used Cars Calgary

Car shopping can be quite a daunting process. There are so many options, and unlike choosing shoes or clothes, you need to make the right choices and be as decisive as possible. With that in mind, here are some tips that will help you find a vehicle for your needs.

Don’t Go Beyond Your Budget

Once you’ve decided to purchase a car, chances are you’ve also already roughly estimated the amount of money you can afford. If you’re on a tight budget, experts suggest that it would be best if car payments only take up 10% of your monthly income.

For this, you should consider buying used cars. Some places offer great prices on used cars in Calgary. The advantages of purchasing used vehicles include:

  • It cost less
  • Lower insurance premium
  • Better for the environment

However, like with everything else, buying second-hand cars have its fair share of risks. It is best to do thorough research and [...]

Used Cars Calgary

The winter season can be difficult for car owners, especially used cars. During winter, you could experience a couple of problems like frozen engine fluid, dying battery, or perhaps a decreased tire pressure.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to take time and prepare your car for winter. Below are some valuable tips to help you get ready for winter, whether you have a new vehicle or purchased a vehicle from a used car dealer in Calgary. 

Install Winter Tires

Ice roads are quite a problem during winter and could cause significant accidents. It would be best to change your tires to some snow tires for better drivability during inclement weather.

Test Your Car Battery

The last thing you want to happen is getting stuck in the middle of nowhere in the freezing weather. In most cases, the battery capacity can reduce during cold weather. 

To prepare for such a harsh season, ensure that your battery [...]

Used Car Dealer Calgary

Hot chocolate, cozy sweaters, fireplaces, Christmas! Who doesn’t look forward to winter? Winter is arguably the best time of the year for many folks. However, for us Canadians, with winter comes snow. And we know what that means; cars snowed in, slippery roads, and a bunch of other health and safety hazards.

When winter is approaching, make sure you prepare your car for everything that comes with it. That means keeping your vehicle’s doors and locks lubricated. Also, inspect your vehicle’s engine thoroughly or have it looked at by a professional at an auto-shop or used car dealer in Calgary. Lastly, invest in winter tires and windshield wipers designed to tackle snowfall.

Safe Driving Tips for Winter

Additionally, if you live in an area prone to snowfall or sleet, keeping safety in mind while driving is essential. Whether you have a brand new car or a used car, you need safety tips. Trust us, [...]

Used Car Dealer Calgary

Winter is just around the corner, which means that you should start thinking about changing into winter tires for safety if you have a car. However, what exactly are the best tires for winter? Find out here!

Winter Tire Types

To get a better idea of what is the best winter tire for your brand new or used car in Calgary, here are the different categories of winter tires:

All-weather Tires

These are new types of tires in the industry designed for winter conditions. It can be kept all year round because it can provide food handling in cold and warm seasons.

All-season Tires

All-season tires are designed for mild or slightly wet conditions. These do not have the same degree of performance as winter tires for snow and ice, but they have better traction than summer tires.

The Continental TrueContact Tour and Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ are some of the top-rated all-season tires in [...]

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Snow angels, cold air, fireplaces, cozy sweaters, and hot chocolate; who doesn’t love winter? While winter has its positives, folks with vehicles know the dozens of issues accompanying the winter snow. And if you’ve recently splurged on a brand new or used car from a used car dealer, you’ll probably want to take extra care of your new baby.

It’s the end of October, which means winter is just around the corner, and if you live in an area such as Calgary that can get a lot of snow, you need this guide. It’s always good to be prepared, and it’ll help you avoid frozen doors, no-starts, engine freeze-ups, and possible accidents. Here’s how you can prepare your car to tackle snow safely.

Prepare Your Car for Winter in Calgary Winter Tires

Your vehicle needs winter tires; all-season tires won’t suffice in dealing with slippery snow and frozen roads. As winter approaches, change out your [...]

Used Car Dealer Calgary

Cars are a huge responsibility, though after the purchase, it can feel like smooth sailing, it’s good to remember that maintenance is everything!

Perhaps you bought a used car from a used car dealer in Calgary and want to give it a sprucing up without spending much. There are also countless tips to help you out in a pinch for when you have car trouble and don’t have access to a mechanic.

These are our top picks for the best Do-it-Yourself car maintenance tips that will have your vehicle looking and running smoothly for years. Whether you’re maintaining new cars or used cars in Calgary, these tips are great to have on hand.

Top DIY Car Maintenance Tips

These are the best car maintenance tips that will help you keep your car in its best shape; the best part is, you can do them all yourself!

Oil Change

Did you know you can change the oil [...]

Used Cars Calgary

You made the decision to buy a new car. What comes next? Well, you first have to figure out how much your budget is. After all, buying a car is a considerable investment, even if you resort to buying a used one.

While there are lots of affordable used cars in Calgary, preparing a budget is still essential. If you’re still on the fence on this one, we’re here to help you. Here are the tips we’ve prepared so you can determine your used car budget before you buy one:

1. Calculate all of your monthly expenses

This is particularly important for those who want to apply for used car financing in Calgary. To do this, you have to gather all of your bills (these include your utility, mortgage, internet, and other monthly bills) alongside your latest credit card statements.

After that, categorize them into either fixed or variable. All of your expenses that remain [...]

Used Car Financing Calgary

A car is a significant investment; it requires consideration, planning, and of course, saving!

It’s no surprise that something as valuable as a car costs a lot, even if it’s used. In today’s economy, taking out a car loan is not uncommon. However, a car loan has some prerequisites that you need to meet to qualify for the loan. Like most loans, the primary concern is your credit score.

A low credit score is often a point of concern for lenders with a minimum credit score set for people to qualify. If you don’t qualify, you fall into the categories of nonprime, subprime, or deep subprime borrower. These borrowers pose higher risks to lenders, and they’re typically less likely to give them a car loan.

Still, there are ways you can qualify for a car loan even if your credit score is less than ideal. Your credit score is not the only factor that comes [...]

Used Car Sale Calgary

For many people, buying a car is a significant achievement. With a car your commute problems are solved, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.

However, a car comes with responsibilities, especially in regards to maintenance. A vehicle requires significant maintenance to help retain value. Think about it, when you go to buy something used – do you gravitate towards clean, well-maintained merchandise or worn-out, scuffed-up merchandise? You’re also likely to pay a higher price for something that looks as new as possible than something that seems noticeably old.

When you’ve used your car and begin thinking about reselling it or trading it in at a used car dealer, you’re going to have your vehicle valued by the dealership. Your used car dealer in Calgary will estimate your car’s value based on its physical condition and other factors.

Tips on How to Retain Your Car’s Value

If you’re wondering how to retain your [...]

Used Car Dealer Calgary
Key Considerations For Buying a Used Car

Buying a car is not an easy process—whether you are looking into buying a brand new or a used one. You have to be more watchful when buying a used car to ensure that what you are getting will be worth your money.

So how can you find a good deal on a used car less the high price tag? Here are the top things to look out for when buying a used car:

Request Vehicle History

List down the questions you need to ask before going to a used car dealer. You can always request a representative and get as much information as you can. A used car dealer in Calgary knows the standard protocols and would not be offended by any customers’ questions.

Has the car been in an accident? Did the previous owner do a major repair on the car? Was the vehicle previously damaged by either [...]