Oil Change Guide

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Oil Change Guide

Is It Necessary to Change Your Oil?

Proper maintenance is critical for any vehicle. To keep your car and truck running smoothly, changing oil frequently is essential. You can visit a local car mechanic, but changing your oil is a simple process that can be done at home if you have space and tools.

How Can I Change My Oil?

1. Oil Level

Before you start draining used oil, look for the preferred type of oil you will need to replace the used one. Then, check your manual to see how much you will need before draining and have the same amount which you will use to replace. Most importantly, you need to have at least an extra amount for emergency purposes in case of spills.

2. Assemble Your Tools

Some materials and tools are required before starting the oil change process. The following are the items necessary to change the used car oil effectively:

  • Brand oil filter
  • New Oil
  • Drain plug cleaner
  • Funnel
  • Drain jug
  • Wrench
  • Ramps
  • Rugs
  • Protective gloves

It is recommended that you gather your tools beforehand to avoid rushing in different directions, which can cause confusion or even accidental oil spills. This method also will reduce the effort input you use when rushing and reduces time wastage. All the supplies should be closer to you, including filters.

3. Car Preparation

An effective oil change should be done when your car is warm. When it is cold or too hot, the oil change process will not be successful. For safety, you can as well change before setting into any task.

4. Remove Old Filter and Oil

Place the filter together with the drain plug and drain all the oil carefully. Place the drain jug under the drain plug to collect the drained oil to avoid spills. Once it is all drained, clean the drain plug and make an immediate replacement if required while tightening the plug. The next step is to remove the oil filter with the drain jug beneath. Have rags near you to clear up accidental mistakes.

5. Install New Filter and Oil

Install new filter and tighten well to prevent excess oil spillage. Add your new oil at a tilted angle to avoid spilling to oil surfaces. Then run the engine for about 30 seconds for complete oil circulation. Shut it down and allow it to cool while looking if any part is leaking. Confirm oil level again and if it is less, add the remaining. Lastly, dispose well your old oil and filters, and at this point, you are good to go. In regard to waste oil, most auto repair shops can take your used oil with no charges.

Used Car Dealers in Calgary

Prime Autos offers used trucks, vans, and cars at a fair price. Our used car dealership in Calgary has fair prices and friendly staff workers with excellent knowledge and understanding while working with clients. Prime dealers aim to ensure the provision of better-used cars that perfectly suits your budget and lifestyle.

All the used cars have been carefully inspected and serviced to a satisfying condition. Car selection is also varied as they cover all kinds of drivers generally. Whether you need a truck for use during harsh winter or fuel-efficient cars, then you are all covered. Prime autos offer the opportunity to clients with any credit score.  They also approve financial statements at flexible rates. Prime Autos will help you find a vehicle that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Life Saving Driving Tips for Beginners

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The number of people who drive cars has increased over time. However, owning a car comes with many responsibilities, and the top priority should be driving safely.

Because road accidents can happen to anyone, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself and practice the foundations of safe driving. Defensive driving is an essential practice when driving a car that can minimize danger and road accidents.

So, to avoid distractions and help reduce casualties, here are 15 life-saving driving tips for beginners that can help you keep safe while on the road.

Inspect your car before hitting the road

Check your car’s condition before driving, especially when you’re heading for a long drive. Whether it’s a brand new car or a pre-owned one you bought from a reliable used car dealer in Calgary, you still need to inspect before getting in to ensure everything’s working well.

Pay attention when driving

Keeping your focus on the road and staying alert can prevent accidents. Moreover, you must always follow traffic rules because you can’t always expect other drivers to do the same. Lastly, it is also crucial to avoid distractions such as multitasking or using your phone.

Maintain the correct speed limit

Overspeeding is one of the most common road violations. This act is not only illegal, but it also poses a danger to everyone present on the road.

It reduces the chances of responding in time to inevitable circumstances such as animal crossing or another car crashing when you’re driving fast. Therefore, staying at the indicated speed limit is essential.

Put your seatbelt on

Undoubtedly, wearing a seat belt while driving can save your life. It is indeed the most beneficial safety feature in every car. In cases of accidents, wearing a seatbelt can minimize fatal injuries.

Drive slowly during a bad weather

Bad weather such as fog or heavy rain is inevitable, and the safest thing to do is to slow down.

Avoid driving when you’re under the influence of alcohol or stressed

Everybody knows that driving and drinking are dangerous, and alcohol-related crashes and accidents are still common. Stress is another factor. It would be best if you had a free mind to make sound judgments when driving.

Be familiar with blind spots

Always know your car’s blind spots and be careful when doing a maneuver like backing out and changing lanes. Moreover, always be mindful of your rear and side mirrors.

Avoid sudden swerving

New drivers should avoid sudden diversions and turns, as these pose risks and can result in accidents. These can also be distracting to fellow drivers, which can result in accidents.

Be careful when changing lanes

Proper judgment is the key in driving, and this can be tested when changing lanes. Beginners often miscalculate the right time to change lanes as they reduce speed when doing this.

Therefore, you need always to pay attention when changing lanes and don’t forget to check your mirrors.

Give way

Respect others’ right of way all the time. Stubborn drivers are always present, so it is better to give way than risk getting into an accident. Also, avoid blocking the driveway by staying in front of a passageway as it is hazardous.

Keep your distance

Avoid driving too close to the other cars. Instead, allow enough space between you and other vehicles to give yourself and other drivers to react in case of accidents.

Avoid getting items that fall to the floor

As mentioned, you should pay attention and keep your eyes on the road all the time. Therefore, prevent getting distracted from things falling on the floor and avoid trying to retrieve them while you drive.

Always have needed items near you

It would be best to have everything within reach when driving, such as mobile phones, toll fees, passes, etc. This will help you keep your eyes solely on the road.

Keep your headlight on during bad weather

Visibility is poor and risky during poor weather. Therefore, it’s best to turn on your headlights so that other motorists will know you’re there.

Do not attempt to tailgate

Tailgating is an aggressive act that can cause road accidents. Driving close to the rear of another car and flashing your lights and honking can lead to feelings of panic and aggressive behaviour.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of safety precautions to consider, especially as a beginner on the road. Therefore, it is better to start practicing safe driving. After all, the important thing is you reach your destination safely.

Tips for Buying a Used Car

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Used Car Buying Tips in Calgary

Buying a used car is a wise decision, especially if you want to save more money. However, there are pitfalls in buying used cars. While it’s practical and affordable, a used car’s condition will depend on different things, such as mileage, maintenance, and engine quality.

Because of this, knowing how to avoid expensive mistakes in purchasing a used car is significant. With that said, below are ten tips to consider that can help you buy the best quality used car in the market.

Do your research

Purchasing a used car in Calgary should start with doing your research. After all, shopping for the right car can be intimidating, so you can talk to friends or go to a used car dealer in Calgary to ask about a specific car you are looking to buy.

In addition, searching for information on the internet is also a helpful technique for checking the car’s reputation. Having enough information about the car that you’re eyeing can avoid costly mistakes.

Checking the car’s history is a must

In addition, look for customer reviews to give you an idea of which car to buy and avoid bad experiences before visiting a car dealer.

Moreover, it would also be good to check on the car’s history to get a list of the car’s previous accidents and other car issues and stories that you must know.

Do a thorough car inspection

A thorough car inspection is necessary before buying to check on a used car’s quality. One technique you can employ is to inspect the car in the daytime to see the paint and quickly notice spots that do not match.

This indicates that the car was previously scratched and subsequently fixed with fillers. Another strategy you can use is to check the engine bay and inspecting for any filler marks, which will give you an idea that the car had a front-end accident.

Lastly, check the parts that matter, such as wipers, air conditioning, lights, seat belts, cushions, locks, etc.

Be a practical car buyer

If you’re buying a used car in Calgary, assessing what you want and need in a car is crucial before purchasing a car. In fact, avoid searching for cars that you don’t need or won’t use.

Get the service records list

Like checking its history, you also need to collect the receipts or logs issued to the car to get information on its service history. Doing so will give you a clearer idea of its condition.

Budget for repairs

It’s only natural, expected even, for used cars to have some wear and tear. Because of this, you need to know that you might be replacing worn parts if you opt for one. Delaying these replacements might mean more cost for you later on.

Do not forget to test drive

Before buying a used car, you must do a test drive to ensure that it is in good condition. In addition, this will also protect you from having buyer’s remorse after purchasing.

When doing a test drive, it would be helpful to list all the issues that you have encountered while driving it. This will help you make a more informed purchase.

Apply for car financing before shopping

Availing of car financing can make negotiations more manageable and quicker, so make sure to apply for one before going to a used car dealer in Calgary. Aside from this, it can also give you a clearer idea of what type of car you can afford.

Negotiate properly

Before buying the car you want, ensure that you do the appropriate research and have all the relevant information. Doing so will help make negotiating smoother and more seamless.

Moreover, it would be best to inquire or negotiate on the phone or by email. Doing so will help you avoid impulsively purchasing a car while talking to a salesperson.

Understand your rights

As a car buyer, it’s vital always to know your rights. So, make sure that you’re informed of the car’s return policies and warranty packages.


Buying a used car in Calgary is no easy task, especially if you’re unsure where to start. With that said, hopefully, the tips mentioned above were helpful to you so you can make a more informed decision before you go to a car dealer.

How Many Kilometers Are Too Much for a Used Car?

How Many Kilometers Are Too Much for a Used Car?

Cars provide faster movement and allow easy access to various locations, particularly in far-flung areas where public transportation is difficult. In countries where most of the population is working 40+ hours per week, cars are necessary to help ease the workload. In a survey conducted last 2017, approximately 90% of the households in the United States own at least one light vehicle, i.e., sedans, light trucks, and similar vehicles.

Used Car vs. Brand-New

If you are looking in the market for a car, one significant consideration is whether to buy a new car or a used car. Of course, many people would immediately opt for a brand-new vehicle. It is a good choice, but you might not be able to get the most of your money, especially if you plan to let go of your car in the future.

Brand-new car owners take the most hit of the depreciation of the car’s value, costing owners thousands of dollars when they sell their vehicles after only three years of use. Because of this, a used car might give you more for your money than a brand-new car.

When searching for a used car, mileage is generally a consideration or at least a question in everyone’s mind. How many kilometres are too many for a used car?

As reflected in the odometer, the car’s mileage is often the benchmark used for the car’s reliability. Unfortunately, however, there is no hard and fast rule for this.

Car Mileage: What is a Comfortable Limit?

The average use of a car will have a mileage of 18,000km per year with average ownership of 11 years; this puts the maximum mileage of a vehicle at around 200,000km.

Recent technological advancements in car engineering allow cars to run more than 160,000km without significant repairs, provided that the vehicle is well-maintained and serviced as needed.

Considering this information, the mileage in the odometer should not be the only basis when looking at used cars. Since there is no exact mileage that can be regarded as too many for a used car, there must be other contexts to check the viability of a used car.

It would be best to consider age, brand, and year model of the used car, level of use, number of owners, among other factors when looking at cars. Sometimes, you will encounter a used car with  120,000km being more expensive than a used car with 80,000km. It could be more costly for the first car because it only has one owner and has been regularly serviced by the owner. On the other hand, it may be more affordable for the second car because it went through five owners, neither of them caring for the car’s maintenance, and some parts need repairing or changing but nothing major.

Therefore, it’s essential to get a whole picture or history of the used cars you are looking at. After all, mileage is only one part of the car’s history. Most used car dealers have details about the car’s previous owners, what kind of services the car has undergone, and other information to help you decide whether this used car will still be helpful.

In cases where you cannot obtain the car’s history, it is best to steer clear away from it because you might end up spending more on the repairs and costing you an equivalent of a brand-new car.


So, for those looking for a used car in Calgary, there are many reputable choices. You can visit a used car dealer in Calgary, such as Prime Autos, to search for your ideal vehicle and assess if the car is worth your money. If you are unsure about going by yourself, it would be great to bring a professional car mechanic or an expert in used cars to help you assess the used cars you are considering.

Best Time to Buy a Used Car

Used Cars for Sale Calgary

When to Purchase a Used Car in Calgary?

Even with discount offers, purchasing a new car is a big expense. If you are looking to save more funds and yield higher returns in the long term, the best option is to choose a used car. Instead of dwelling too much on the short-term benefits (like that new car smell), it is advisable to make a long-term investment.

Reasons to Purchase a Used Car

  • Second-hand cars have already depreciated, meaning your vehicle will not lose half its value within the first few years
  • The price is usually negotiable on a used car
  • There are fewer dealer fees, and if purchasing privately, you can even avoid GST
  • Most dealerships will inspect and repair any issues with used cars for an easy sale
  • The warranty of a used car can generally be transferred easily

Here are the instances when it’s considered as the best time to purchase a second-hand car:

Consider Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Endings

Being a used car dealership will require the seller to have a quarterly, monthly, or yearly financial target. The goals and targets are to ensure that the dealership can grow and generate profits. Purchasing a used car near the end of a period will help a client buy at a discounted rate without compromising the quality. Take advantage of this timing to get in touch with excellent deals.

Certain Holidays

The best time to buy used cars is during holidays where exclusive deals and special offers are available. Some of the holidays to prioritize buying a used car include Christmas, Black Fridays, and Remembrance Day. Since dealers must close the financial years and ensure the targeted revenue is attained, they set affordable rates without interfering with the quality.

Varieties of new cars are sold out during the holidays weekends compared to the regular days, resulting in a rise of trade-ins and lease returns in the market. In addition, the increase of used car inventory during the holiday weekend motivates dealerships to sell at a discount.

Prioritize Off-season Deals

Off-season periods control the supply and demand forces exceedingly. Therefore, there are times when the demand for used cars is high compared to the new vehicles.

New car dealers transfer stock countrywide to control the supply and demand forces. Therefore, buy a second-hand car from a used car dealer in Calgary who maintains its inventory annually and set discounted rates.

Take Advantage of the Winter Seasons

Like other ventures, getting the best deals for used cars depends on the times of the year. Besides, most clients avoid test driving and buying vehicles during the winter seasons, resulting in lower demand. Therefore, it is advisable to take advantage of the winter seasons to enjoy the best-used car deals affordably.

Be Patient on Recent Models

The model of any car matters a lot when a client is looking forward to saving a significant amount of funds in the long run. You can achieve savings by acquiring a used version of an updated or redesigned model. Most buyers look forward to buying cars with the most recent technology and mode. As a result, the rates for the previous models fall as the new versions are introduced in the market.

Purchasing any car, used or new, will require one to prepare by planning and saving where possible.  Paying attention to the above tips will help you make a well-informed decision on the best-used cars to buy. Knowing the best time to buy a used car will reduce the hassles during the finding process. It also eases the entire process enabling the clients to save more funds in the future.

Feel free to browse our used cars for sale in Calgary and reach out if you have any questions.

Tips for New Drivers in Calgary

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Tips for New Drivers in Calgary

Whether you have just purchased a new or a used car, the idea to get on the road can be exhilarating. It feels liberating, and it seems to open up a whole new world for you to take on and explore.

However, as a new driver, you need to know several safety driving tips to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers on the road. Here are some safe driving tips that you should keep in mind to boost your confidence and keep you alert while on the road:

Always Prioritize Safety

Always abide by speed limit signs you see on the road and avoid speeding. There’s a 3-second rule that many responsible drivers follow when they’re behind the wheel.

Check the vehicle in front of you and start counting when they have passed a particular object on the road. The thing can be anything – a tree, a post, or signage. If you get to the same point without finishing the three counts, it means that you are too close with the first vehicle.

When this happens, make sure that you slow down to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the other cars. When you are constantly speeding, you will have less time to consider other drivers on the road, and you will also have less time to think about what to do in case of unexpected situations.

Safe driving also includes a well-maintained vehicle. Schedule your car for routine maintenance, including tire rotations and oil changes. You will feel safer when driving a car that won’t fail you in case of sudden mishaps.

Never Drive While Intoxicated

You should know by now how many lives have been taken by drunk driving. Having a license doesn’t give you the freedom to get behind the wheels when you are intoxicated. Never get behind the wheels even when you’ve only had a little to drink, or you are confident you are not drunk.

Wait until you are sober before driving. However, if you need to go somewhere urgently, it is best to ask someone to drive you. Alternatively, you can hail or book a cab instead of driving while intoxicated.

Keep an Emergency Supply Handy

Anything can happen while you are on the road – bad weather, mechanical failure, or bad traffic. Even well-maintained vehicles will fail you sometimes depending on the external factors you have encountered on the road.

Therefore, it is best to bring your emergency tools onboard. This may include jumper cables, spare tire, wheel wrench, jack, extra batteries, fire extinguisher, and first aid kit.

It would be best to prepare for sudden traffic jams or road trips not going as planned. Always carry snacks, water, and non-perishable food items, such as dried fruits and granola bars.

If you just purchased a used car in Calgary, it is crucial to get adequate car insurance coverage. Coverage will help you manage the financial impact arising from accidents and other causes of car failure.

Make it a Habit to Wear your Seatbelt

A seatbelt is a must for drivers and other passengers in the car. Do not wait until you have a severe injury that would have been prevented by wearing a seatbelt.

Take Care of Your Tires and Brakes

If you want to come to a halt, it is best not to accelerate but get your foot off the gas instead. Defensive driving will save on gas and reduce wear and tear for your tires and brakes. Also, do not hesitate to check the condition of these parts before you close a deal with a used car dealer.

Used Car Dealer in Calgary

While it is exciting to purchase your first used car in Calgary, you must never overlook the responsibility that comes with driving. Once you get behind the wheel, you must always consider your safety and others on the road. The team at Prime Autos takes pride in providing safe and reliable used vehicles, and we want new drivers to feel comfortable on the roads in Calgary.

Used Car Financing Tips

Used Car Financing Calgary

Used Car Financing Tips

Buying a used car is a great way to cut on the expensive costs of a new ride. However, if you are looking to purchase one, there are things that you need to keep in mind to get the best possible deal. While there are numerous financing options for used cars on the market, not every option may be suitable for you.

If you are looking for used car financing in Calgary, here are tips that can help you.

Understand How Much You Can Afford

The car may be used, but you still want to ensure that it is within your budget. Figure out what you can afford while keeping in mind the monthly car loan payments and other expenses like insurance and fuel. Once you know how much you can afford, it will be easier to find the best used car financing option from a reliable used car dealership like Prime Auto Calgary.

Understand Your Credit Score

Before you visit a used car dealer, it is recommendable first to check your credit rating. Your credit score will give details of your credit history and most lenders to decide whether you qualify for an auto loan or not. If you have a low credit score, lenders are unlikely to give you a loan.

Fortunately, it is still possible to get a car loan even with a low credit score. However, the downside of this is that you will end up paying a high interest rate. Therefore, it is best first to determine your credit score and think carefully about getting a car loan if your credit is poor.

Consider Pre-Financing Options

If getting financing from a used car dealer is not an option, consider financing from institutions like banks, community banks, finance companies, and credit unions. Numerous financing institutions may be willing to give you financing at a manageable interest rate.

A good strategy is to get quotes from multiple institutions and make a comprehensive comparison before deciding. In some cases, you may want to get the quote in writing and present it to your used car dealer and see if they are willing to lower their interest rate.


It is advisable for any used cars Calgary shoppers to make a 20% down payment. By making a significant down-payment, you increase your chances of getting a good deal on your used car loan. Putting as much money down as possible decreases your loan amount, making it possible to get a shorter loan term.

It can also give you the advantage of making lower monthly payments and significantly decreasing your loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. When your LTV is lower, the lender is more likely to give you a good deal on your car loan.

Another benefit of putting as much money down as you can is that it lowers your chances of getting negative equity. This means that you won’t owe the lender more than the car’s worth, especially in cases where something happens to your car while you are still in the process of completing the loan.


When buying a used car, always negotiate the price. Unknown to most people, you have room to negotiate for your car purchase whether or not the car dealership is arranging your financing. At the end of the time, you want the best deal possible, and the dealer wants to make a profit.

If you are doing a trade-in and still want used car financing, make sure that the transactions are dealt with separately. Otherwise, salespeople are skilled and may confuse you to think that you are getting the best deal on your trade-in.

Make Cash Payment for Other Fees

After getting financing for your used car, consider paying for other fees like sales tax, documentation, and registration with cash. Otherwise, most dealerships will add these fees into your financing, and this can give you negative equity. Consequently, this will increase your auto loan, and you will pay more than the car’s actual value.

Used Car Financing Calgary

Because of the vast range of used car financing options available, finding the best deal for you can be overwhelming. Plus, there is a lot to consider to ensure that you finance your used car the smart way. Fortunately, Prime Auto Calgary can help you finance your used car successfully.

Popular Used Vehicles in Calgary

Used Cars Calgary

Owning a vehicle in Calgary is undeniably valuable and convenient; it can take you wherever you need to go whenever you need to do so. However, not all have the financial capacity to purchase a brand-new vehicle.

If that’s the case, your local used car dealer in Calgary is the next best option if you want to buy a car without sacrificing the quality or breaking the bank. However, it can be challenging to find the right used vehicle.

With that said, this article will discuss the top three used vehicle models in Calgary, detailing why they’re excellent options if you’re looking for one.

Popular Used Vehicles in Calgary

Here are some of the most popular used cars and trucks purchased in Calgary:

Honda Civic

If you’re looking for used cars in Calgary, you might want to check out the Honda Civic. While this car model has been around for a while, with its 10th generation being produced in 2016, it remains one of the most popular car models available.

One of the primary reasons for this is its excellent fuel efficiency, consuming less while still covering long distances. With a Honda Civic, you don’t have to worry about spending too much on fuel, even if you use it often.

Moreover, Honda Civics are made with high-quality materials that give it exceptional durability, allowing it to remain a reliable vehicle throughout the years, even if you buy it used. Additionally, this durability and reliability give it great value, especially if you decide to resell it in the future.

It’s also low-maintenance, so you can expect long-lasting performance without shelling out too much money.

Overall, the Honda Civic is an excellent choice if you’re planning to buy a used car. It’s reliable, low-maintenance, and fuel-efficient with a great resale value, perfect for those on a budget.

Ford F150

For those who need something more heavy-duty, you might want to take a look at the Ford F150. One of the most popular models for used trucks in Calgary, the Ford F150 features incredible towing and payload capacity, capable of handling weights up to 13,200 lbs. at a time.

It’s made with military-grade materials, too, giving it exceptional durability and a longer lifespan, which is ideal if you’re looking to buy a used truck. It’s perfect for any weather condition, whether it’s the hot summer months or the cold winter season.

The Ford F150 is also suitable for families due to its ample space, giving you more room for your family, equipment, and other items. You can also find a wide range of selections of this model in used car dealerships in Calgary, so you won’t have difficulty finding one.

Overall, the Ford F150 is an excellent option for those who want to buy used trucks, especially if they want something that can handle heavy payloads and have a long lifespan.

Nissan Rogue

SUVs are ideal for families as they have enough room to accommodate everyone and their things. With that said, the Nissan Rogue is an excellent option to consider if you’re buying a used SUV in Calgary. It provides nice and smooth ride quality, ideal for families with small children.

It has enough cabin space to accommodate everyone in the family while still having enough space to store their things.

However, one of its most notable features is that it has an AWD (all-wheel drive) traction that improves its handling in all types of terrains. AWD is perfect for cities like Calgary, where the temperatures in winter can cause significant ice on the roads.

Nissan Rogues also have decent fuel-efficiency, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much on fuel when shuttling your children to and from their appointments. Aside from being comfortable and spacious, the Nissan Rogue also delivers superb performance and durability, giving it incredible reliability, even if you buy it used.

Overall, if you’re looking for a used SUV for your family needs, you can’t go wrong with a Nissan Rogue.

Calgary Used Car Dealer

The models mentioned above are the most popular models for used vehicles in Calgary. You can’t go wrong with these models, and you can find them at Prime Auto, a leading used car dealership in Calgary.

Best Used Vehicles for Winter

Used Vehicles Calgary

Used Vehicles for Winter in Calgary

Calgary gets a lot of snow in the winter, making it essential to own a truck or SUV with higher ground clearance. In general, all-wheel drive is recommended.

Now, before you go to a used car dealer in Calgary to buy a vehicle for your winter driving, we will show you some critical factors you should consider first so that you don’t pick up the wrong car.

Paired with winter tires, below are some of the safest vehicles for winter driving in Calgary.

Ground Clearance

If you are not a car person, you may not be familiar with ground clearance. Ground clearance is the distance between your car’s body and the ground surface. With higher ground clearance, you will be able to go through harsher road surfaces like gravels and rocky grounds without having to worry about doing any damage to your car’s body.

Since we are discussing winter driving in Calgary, where snow can pile up on the road, and your driveway, cars with higher ground clearance will give you one significant advantage. Extra ground clearance will allow you to drive through the snowy roads easily. Even when you are required to do digging, you only have to shovel some of the snow away, and you’ll be able to continue cruising again.

A vehicle like a used truck usually has a higher ground clearance compared to sedans and coupes. If a truck doesn’t suit your needs or style, you can try to look for a used SUV for sale in Calgary for a more family-friendly car.


With different road conditions during winters, such as wet roads, icy roads, and snow buildups, having an all-wheel-drive (AWD) car is a huge benefit. When you want to buy a used truck for sale in Calgary, you should make sure that it is equipped with an AWD system.

With AWD, you can crawl through the snow with ease because you have four moving wheels instead of just two. It means if your rear wheels are unable to push your car forward, your front wheels can help by giving additional traction and vice versa. Just remember, AWD will not reduce braking distance!

It’s important to understand that different used SUV and trucks may have various types of AWD systems. While some may work automatically, others may require manual adjustments from you, the driver.

Winter Tires

Now that we have talked about wheels and tractions in the last part, we should discuss winter tires. Winter tires are crucial to ensure your safety while driving on a snowy surface.

Tire makers specifically design winter tires so that your car can still move, stop, and turn on snowy and icy roads. Winter tires are made with some particular compounds and are equipped with specific patterns that allow your tires to grip even in low traction situations.

Besides, the use of winter tires is mandatory in some provinces during the winter times. Therefore, it is in your best interests that you put on winter tires on your car immediately after you pick it up from the used car dealer.

Heated Seats and Steering Wheel

Lastly, let us talk about heated seats and steering wheel. Well, we should admit that heated seats and steering wheel don’t have anything to do with your safety and your ability to move on slippery surfaces. But, having those in your car during the wintertime is a great convenience!

Used Car Dealer Calgary

In short, the best car for winter driving will be different for everyone. It will depend on the road conditions on their commuting route. Regardless of what used car model you choose, find a trustworthy used car dealership in Calgary so that you can be satisfied with your used car purchase.

Purchasing a Used Car in Calgary

Used Car Dealership Calgary

Want to save money when buying a car in Calgary? Try to go for the used one! Many experts said that buying a used car makes much more sense financially than purchasing a new one. Buying a used vehicle in Calgary can cost you much less, but only if you do it right. If you need to buy used cars and trucks in Calgary, we will show you the proper way to do it.

Tips on Purchasing Used Cars in Calgary

Here are some tips on what to do and consider when buying a used car in Calgary:

Decide What Kind of Car Suit Your Needs

This first step is crucial to ensure that your next car will accommodate all your needs. Ask yourself first about “How many people will it fit inside the car?”, “Do I need to transport big things with this car later?” or “Do I need a great fuel efficiency or a monstrous power output from this car?”. Those questions will help you decide whether you need a used truck, MPV, SUV, etc.

You will also need to consider the budget for your car. If you are not planning to pay it in cash, you will need to find used car financing in Calgary. Calculate all of your monthly needs, then figure out how much you can allocate for the car payment.

You can try to estimate your monthly payment using loan calculators. There are many loan calculators available on the internet. All you need to do is find the interest rate and then decide how long the term will be; then it will calculate you.

Go to a Reputable Used Car Dealer

Now, once you have decided what models suit your needs and budget, it is time for you to find the right used car dealer in Calgary. A trustworthy used car dealership will provide you with diverse inventory, clear vehicle history reports, detailed car service records, and post-sale documentation and services.

You can search on the internet and do a little research on user reviews to know whether it is a reliable used car dealership or not. Just type the dealership name on any search engine, and usually, you will find the user reviews on the first or second page. Or, try to ask locals for good car dealer recommendations.

Inspect the Car’s Physical Condition and Take it for a Spin

You will want to avoid cars with a history of significant accidents, floods, fire, or any other damage. If you find any of those signs on the vehicle, you can throw that car away from your consideration list. It’s because it may hide other unseen damages on different car parts, such as wiring and electrical devices.

But, if the accident signs are minor, you can take advantage of them instead. You can use those signs as leverage during the price negotiation process.

Don’t forget to check the VINs. The numbers on the paper and the ID plate should match. If they don’t match, there’s a possibility that the car is stolen.

After you’re done inspecting the physical condition, you can take it for a spin to see how well the car performs. Make sure it starts right away and it handles nice. Also, check the functions of all the lamps, indicators, and gauges. If possible, try the used vehicle at different speeds and road conditions.

Make a Deal, Do the Paperwork, and Ride it Home!

Now, we’ve made it to the fun part. If you negotiate with a salesperson in a used car dealership, you have to know that he is trained to lure you into the deal he wants.

Generally, a salesperson will make you focus on the monthly payment amount. Yet, if you are a savvy buyer, you will want to focus on the total payment amount. You should also ensure that both of you are talking about our door price so that you will not be charged with any additional fee.

Now that you are done negotiating the price, you can start signing the papers. A reputable dealership will happily walk you through this process. This process might get a little complicated when you buy a used car from a private seller or an unverified used car dealership.

Calgary Used Car Dealer

Buying a used car can be a little bit tricky at first, especially for inexperienced buyers; this is why you need to go to a trusted car dealer in Calgary. If you are not sure about checking the car’s condition on your own, you can always call a car inspection service.

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