Prepare Your Car for Snow

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Snow angels, cold air, fireplaces, cozy sweaters, and hot chocolate; who doesn’t love winter? While winter has its positives, folks with vehicles know the dozens of issues accompanying the winter snow. And if you’ve recently splurged on a brand new or used car from a used car dealer, you’ll probably want to take extra care of your new baby.

It’s the end of October, which means winter is just around the corner, and if you live in an area such as Calgary that can get a lot of snow, you need this guide. It’s always good to be prepared, and it’ll help you avoid frozen doors, no-starts, engine freeze-ups, and possible accidents. Here’s how you can prepare your car to tackle snow safely.

Prepare Your Car for Winter in Calgary

Winter Tires

Your vehicle needs winter tires; all-season tires won’t suffice in dealing with slippery snow and frozen roads. As winter approaches, change out your tires for winter tires. Even though there’s been a lot of debate regarding how many you need to switch out, we recommend changing all four (or all two) tires to be on the safe side of things. If you’re looking to purchase a used vehicle, see if the car dealer can include winter tires.

Block Heater

If you didn’t know, block heaters are electrical devices that heat the lower part of an engine, often referred to as the “block.” Most vehicles sold in Canada should include a block heater; if your car doesn’t, visit your local mechanic or auto shop to have it installed as soon as possible.

A block heater will help you avoid engine freeze-ups on cold days, so your vehicle runs as smooth as ever! As an additional step, you can have your engine cleaned to prevent engine-related issues that might cause your car to break down. Many used car dealers in Calgary and auto shops have battery checkups included in their detailing packages.

Battery Prep

Since winter is the season of car breakdowns, it’s wise to have your vehicle’s battery checked before it comes. If your car is relatively new, chances are you probably won’t need a new battery for it. But still, it doesn’t hurt to check. Especially if you just purchased a used car in Calgary, it’s wise to have a look.

Sheathed Windshield Wipers

Standard windshield wipers will typically freeze in freezing temperatures, which isn’t great for when you’re driving through snow. Switch out your regular windshield wipers for sheathed wipers before winter. Sheathed wipers still might freeze in extreme weather, but they will get you through the winter better than traditional wipers would have.

Doors, locks, latches!

We’ve been there; you’re getting in your car to head to the office, but uh-oh! The door is frozen shut! The solution is simple but will require some thorough inspection from you. Go through each crevice, lock, door, gasket, and latch on your vehicle and lubricate them thoroughly. Use a lubricating compound that’ll ensure your doors and windows don’t freeze over in the cold.

Emergency Car Kit

Even if you take every precautionary measure in the book, something could go wrong. Accidents happen, and cars break down. The best we can do is be prepared for an emergency. Here’s everything you need in your winter emergency car kit:

  • Lightweight snow shovel
  • Washer fluid
  • Ice scraper/snow brush
  • Work gloves
  • Flashlight (preferably one that can stand on its own)
  • Emergency reflectors
  • Folding traction mats
  • A first-aid kit (make sure it has an emergency blanket)
  • A spray bottle with two parts rubbing alcohol and one part water to defrost windows in a pinch.

Tackle the Snow in Calgary This Winter!

Winter can become highly inconvenient to vehicle owners if they’re unprepared. Use these tips to prepare your car for the coming snow days; you’ll thank us later.

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