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Is Buying an Ex-Rental Car a Good Idea?

Many people have explored purchasing an ex-rental car for a bargain price. Though buying an ex-rental vehicle can save a person some money, is it a good deal? Find out here!

Pros of Purchasing an Ex-Rental Car

There are several benefits associated with buying an ex-rental car. Including the following:

It Saves Money

The most obvious advantage when buying an ex-rental car is saving money. New cars lose their value when they leave the forecourt. When purchasing ex-rental vehicles, they help one avoid depreciation hit since their value reduction usually occurs during the hire car period. Some of the bestused cars in Calgary are ex-rental cars that customers can obtain at a lower price.

It Ensures Legal Protection

Used car dealers will generally inform people that the cars sold are ex-rental. If not, this will show up on any vehicle history report, such as carfax. If a dealership tries to avoid mentioning the vehicle’s history, it may be an indication to search elsewhere!

Wide Range of Cars to Choose From

Many ex-rental cars are sold every day. This selling process, in turn, makes it possible for people to have a variety of options to choose from before they decide to make their purchase. Choosing from a wide range of cars also enables one to compare their prices before settling on one ex-rental car model.

Cons of Purchasing an Ex-Rental Car

However, buying ex-rental cars is not always a positive experience. It also comes with several downsides. You should carefully consider these downsides and ensure that the benefits are more prevalent.

Some of the disadvantages associated with buying ex-rental cars include:

Rental Cars Heavy Usage

Many rental cars have been used for many purposes by many drivers on the roads. They can be used for long-distance travel, and some are even used in harsh road conditions. This makes it hard to know how they have been treated or if there is wear and tear visible to the eyes of average consumers.

It is also important to note that many rental cars have insurance excesses; hence it encourages drivers to drive carefully and not cause any damage to the vehicle.

Unethical Sellers

Despite reputable companies selling ex-rental cars, it is crucial to be aware of unethical sellers that may sell the cars unfairly. Some may hike the prices, while others may sell vehicles too damaged to be on the road.

Before buying ex-rental cars, knowing whether the government has licensed a company to offer the best service is essential.

Final Verdict: Is It a Good Idea?

Buying rental cars is a good idea because it enables a person to spend less money than purchasing a brand new car. It is also good to buy ex-rental vehicles since they generally have the latest car technology, making them easier to operate.

Aside from that, buying a rental car is a good idea since it’s more likely well maintained fully by rental companies. Most of the ex-rental vehicles are cleaned and serviced by the companies before they decide to sell them to a used car dealer in Calgary.

However, it might not be suitable to buy an ex-rental car because of wear and tear associated with drivers not taking care of the vehicle. Some may accelerate faster and smash the brakes, while others may accelerate faster, leading to the wearing of the brakes.

It is also not good to buy an ex-rental car due to resale value. Many customers are unlikely to get a maximum resale for an ex-rental vehicle compared to an expensive privately owned car.