How Many Kilometers Are Too Much for a Used Car?

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How Many Kilometers Are Too Much for a Used Car?

Cars provide faster movement and allow easy access to various locations, particularly in far-flung areas where public transportation is difficult. In countries where most of the population is working 40+ hours per week, cars are necessary to help ease the workload. In a survey conducted last 2017, approximately 90% of the households in the United States own at least one light vehicle, i.e., sedans, light trucks, and similar vehicles.

Used Car vs. Brand-New

If you are looking in the market for a car, one significant consideration is whether to buy a new car or a used car. Of course, many people would immediately opt for a brand-new vehicle. It is a good choice, but you might not be able to get the most of your money, especially if you plan to let go of your car in the future.

Brand-new car owners take the most hit of the depreciation of the car’s value, costing owners thousands of dollars when they sell their vehicles after only three years of use. Because of this, a used car might give you more for your money than a brand-new car.

When searching for a used car, mileage is generally a consideration or at least a question in everyone’s mind. How many kilometres are too many for a used car?

As reflected in the odometer, the car’s mileage is often the benchmark used for the car’s reliability. Unfortunately, however, there is no hard and fast rule for this.

Car Mileage: What is a Comfortable Limit?

The average use of a car will have a mileage of 18,000km per year with average ownership of 11 years; this puts the maximum mileage of a vehicle at around 200,000km.

Recent technological advancements in car engineering allow cars to run more than 160,000km without significant repairs, provided that the vehicle is well-maintained and serviced as needed.

Considering this information, the mileage in the odometer should not be the only basis when looking at used cars. Since there is no exact mileage that can be regarded as too many for a used car, there must be other contexts to check the viability of a used car.

It would be best to consider age, brand, and year model of the used car, level of use, number of owners, among other factors when looking at cars. Sometimes, you will encounter a used car with  120,000km being more expensive than a used car with 80,000km. It could be more costly for the first car because it only has one owner and has been regularly serviced by the owner. On the other hand, it may be more affordable for the second car because it went through five owners, neither of them caring for the car’s maintenance, and some parts need repairing or changing but nothing major.

Therefore, it’s essential to get a whole picture or history of the used cars you are looking at. After all, mileage is only one part of the car’s history. Most used car dealers have details about the car’s previous owners, what kind of services the car has undergone, and other information to help you decide whether this used car will still be helpful.

In cases where you cannot obtain the car’s history, it is best to steer clear away from it because you might end up spending more on the repairs and costing you an equivalent of a brand-new car.


So, for those looking for a used car in Calgary, there are many reputable choices. You can visit a used car dealer in Calgary, such as Prime Autos, to search for your ideal vehicle and assess if the car is worth your money. If you are unsure about going by yourself, it would be great to bring a professional car mechanic or an expert in used cars to help you assess the used cars you are considering.

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