Benefits of Buying from a Used Car Dealership

Used Car Dealership in Calgary
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Let’s go over some of the benefits of buying from a used car dealer:

More Financing Options

While it is true that you can find better deals should you choose to buy directly from an individual seller, you’ll have to pay the entire amount upfront to own the car and drive away. Not everyone who needs a car has a few thousand dollars lying around. The bad news is that hardly any seller you find online would agree to sell theirs to you on installments. The high entry-level price point may thus exclude you from owning a car through this option.

On the contrary, used car dealerships provide a greater array of flexible financing options that allow you to pay the price in installments while using the car. You can choose to pay a proportion of the price up front and the rest in small monthly payments. The dealers allow you to pick a payment plan that suits your needs; low monthly payments with higher interest or higher payments with lower interests. You can even get the car on rent or lease for months and even years. These options allow you the freedom to find a financing plan that perfectly suits your needs.

More Varieties

If you’re looking for a used car online, chances are you’ve set eyes on a few models and don’t have a good idea about all the options that fit your requirements. It is also highly inconvenient to book appointments with different individual sellers and test all the shortlisted ones. You’ll have to rely on your memory to recall which of the cars that you tested seemed good enough.

At a used car lot, you get access to a wide variety of automobiles. You can look at them side by side and even test drive a few to feel the differences on the spot. You would also want to compare the different models on the spot or even see other cars of the same model.

By choosing to buy from a dealer, you get a professional service to find the best possible car for you. It is the dealers’ job to understand your needs and problems and then offer you a solution. After asking a few relevant questions, the dealer will understand what you’re looking for in a case and then recommend a car that you might even not have on your radar. This can save you all the inconvenience that comes with buying used cars directly from a car owner.   

Better Quality Cars

Yes, we understand that your friend’s cousin found a great deal for a 2018 Audi A8 on Craigslist. This isn’t exactly uncommon as it happens most of the time when your friends or family come to know about your intention to buy a used car. But you will hear just as many horror stories should you do enough research. Even the most knowledgeable buyers are not immune to getting duped. The fact is that by buying from a private seller, you never know what you’re getting!

On the other hand, buying from a dealership removes much of the gamble involved in the buying and selling process. Unlike sellers on the internet, dealers have a business to run and a reputation to maintain – a front and center reputation in the form of online reviews should anyone choose to look them up. Used car dealerships test and assess the cars for quality, maintenance, and performance before putting them up for sale. At times, you may even be surprised by the pristine condition and low mileage of a used car at a dealership.

After-Sale Service

We all want our cars to keep operating without any problems for many years. And if any fault props up, we need timely support. Many individual car sellers spend the bare minimum to temporarily hide the glaring issues in the cars they intend to sell. Most buyers are not aware of the technicalities and don’t know what’s under the hood. Unfortunately, once sold, the seller is no longer responsible for any problems that may come up, and you’ll likely never hear back even if you try to contact them.

Selling faulty or subpar vehicles is a death sentence for a dealership’s business. Many dealers even provide some kind of warranty. They take responsibility for providing after-sale service for one or two years. Also, a trusted used car dealership Calgary will go the extra mile to provide comprehensive after-sales service to ensure your car is in tip-top condition for the years to come. The after-sale service is yet another convincing reason why buying from a dealer is always your best bet.

Final Thoughts

Buying a car means you’re making an investment. As with any investment, it is imperative to focus on the long-term return than saving some bucks. Buying from a used car dealer may cost you slightly higher, but it is a good trade-off for the benefits you get to enjoy. You get more and better cars to choose from, let alone the peace of mind that comes with buying a good quality car. Dealers sell low maintenance cars, which means more money saved in the long run.

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