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When to Purchase a Used Car in Calgary?

Even with discount offers, purchasing a new car is a big expense. If you are looking to save more funds and yield higher returns in the long term, the best option is to choose a used car. Instead of dwelling too much on the short-term benefits (like that new car smell), it is advisable to make a long-term investment.

Reasons to Purchase a Used Car

  • Second-hand cars have already depreciated, meaning your vehicle will not lose half its value within the first few years
  • The price is usually negotiable on a used car
  • There are fewer dealer fees, and if purchasing privately, you can even avoid GST
  • Most dealerships will inspect and repair any issues with used cars for an easy sale
  • The warranty of a used car can generally be transferred easily

Here are the instances when it’s considered as the best time to purchase a second-hand car:

Consider Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Endings

Being a used car dealership will require the seller to have a quarterly, monthly, or yearly financial target. The goals and targets are to ensure that the dealership can grow and generate profits. Purchasing a used car near the end of a period will help a client buy at a discounted rate without compromising the quality. Take advantage of this timing to get in touch with excellent deals.

Certain Holidays

The best time to buy used cars is during holidays where exclusive deals and special offers are available. Some of the holidays to prioritize buying a used car include Christmas, Black Fridays, and Remembrance Day. Since dealers must close the financial years and ensure the targeted revenue is attained, they set affordable rates without interfering with the quality.

Varieties of new cars are sold out during the holidays weekends compared to the regular days, resulting in a rise of trade-ins and lease returns in the market. In addition, the increase of used car inventory during the holiday weekend motivates dealerships to sell at a discount.

Prioritize Off-season Deals

Off-season periods control the supply and demand forces exceedingly. Therefore, there are times when the demand for used cars is high compared to the new vehicles.

New car dealers transfer stock countrywide to control the supply and demand forces. Therefore, buy a second-hand car from a used car dealer in Calgary who maintains its inventory annually and set discounted rates.

Take Advantage of the Winter Seasons

Like other ventures, getting the best deals for used cars depends on the times of the year. Besides, most clients avoid test driving and buying vehicles during the winter seasons, resulting in lower demand. Therefore, it is advisable to take advantage of the winter seasons to enjoy the best-used car deals affordably.

Be Patient on Recent Models

The model of any car matters a lot when a client is looking forward to saving a significant amount of funds in the long run. You can achieve savings by acquiring a used version of an updated or redesigned model. Most buyers look forward to buying cars with the most recent technology and mode. As a result, the rates for the previous models fall as the new versions are introduced in the market.

Purchasing any car, used or new, will require one to prepare by planning and saving where possible.  Paying attention to the above tips will help you make a well-informed decision on the best-used cars to buy. Knowing the best time to buy a used car will reduce the hassles during the finding process. It also eases the entire process enabling the clients to save more funds in the future.

Feel free to browse our used cars for sale in Calgary and reach out if you have any questions.

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