Private Sale or Used Car Dealer in Calgary?

Used Car Dealer in Calgary
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Buying a car has always been a necessity for people who have hectic schedules who cannot withstand the burdens of commuting every day. Owning a vehicle comes with many benefits. However, buying a new vehicle can be expensive and most people opt to buy used cars from used car dealerships or private sales.

But how do you determine which of the two is the safest and most practical option? Well, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Learn more here.

Used Dealership

Pros of Purchasing a Used Car or Truck from Used Dealerships

  • When purchasing from a used car dealer in Calgary, they will complete all the necessary paperwork required to transfer ownership title of the vehicle. The dealer can also arrange a trade for your older car as part of the process.
  • Aside from minimizing the burden of legal work, in terms of quality assurance, the buyer should also not stress about purchasing a damaged, dysfunctional vehicle because used car dealerships in Calgary must be AMVIC registered.
  • Buying a used car from a used dealership means getting the best used car financing rates Calgary.
  • Unlike private sales, used car dealers in Calgary can provide warranty guarantee.
  • Dealerships care about the appearance of the cars on their lot. Thus, they maintain and detail their used vehicles regularly.

Cons of Purchasing a Used Truck or Car from Dealerships

  • Cars from dealerships can sometimes be more expensive than private listings on Kijiji, Autotrader or Facebook Marketplace. Many assume that used cars and trucks in Calgary are pricier than private sales. However, these days in such a competitive market, the price disparity between dealers and private sales will be minimal.
  • There is generally less room for negotiation. Many used car dealers in Calgary promote their best pricing, and may not be willing to negotiate a large price swing.
  • GST is an additional cost the purchaser must account for in their search for used vehicles.

Private Sale

Pros of Purchasing From Private Sales

  • The cost of a used vehicle in Calgary is generally cheaper from private sales compared to dealerships. This is why people who want an immediate car purchase resort to dealing with a private seller. Private sellers do not need to cover overhead like dealer commissions, admin expenses, and car repairs or detailing.
  • The buyer can negotiate for the price. If the buyer thinks the price is too high for the car’s model and quality, then they can benefit from this opportunity until they arrive at the most comfortable deal that suits their budget. A same day cash offer can usually score a great deal on a used vehicle.

Cons of Purchasing From Private Sales

  • Private sales are prone to deception. When a private seller resorts to private transactions and gives you inefficient vehicle history documents, then the buyer should suspect that the car is lemon. When the car is sold privately, the seller might have not met the necessary requirements for a legitimate deal.
  • When it comes to personal safety, you are not hundred percent assured of it when you shop privately. Buying your vehicle from a private sale means dealing with a complete stranger and it can give you plenty of “what ifs”.
  • Some private sellers don’t provide warranty. Private sellers only provide documents about the vehicle’s history and this doesn’t give assurance to their customers that there are really no damages after a week or month of driving.
  • Private sellers don’t professionally inspect the vehicle they’re selling. So, if they say they’ve already “cleared” it from any damages, they are only talking about the damages as far as their eyes can go because they are not expert inspectors. You will want to do your due diligence and request an inspection and car history report.

Used Car Dealer Calgary

Where you purchase your next used vehicle will depend on your quality standard, budget, availability, and financing options. When making your decision, you need to consider various factors like safety, peace of mind, financial priorities, legal papers, and of course, your convenience. Overall, the benefits of buying from a used car dealership outweigh private sales, and you can confidentially purchase a used vehicle with peace of mind at Prime Autos!

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