Oil Change Guide

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Oil Change Guide

Is It Necessary to Change Your Oil?

Proper maintenance is critical for any vehicle. To keep your car and truck running smoothly, changing oil frequently is essential. You can visit a local car mechanic, but changing your oil is a simple process that can be done at home if you have space and tools.

How Can I Change My Oil?

1. Oil Level

Before you start draining used oil, look for the preferred type of oil you will need to replace the used one. Then, check your manual to see how much you will need before draining and have the same amount which you will use to replace. Most importantly, you need to have at least an extra amount for emergency purposes in case of spills.

2. Assemble Your Tools

Some materials and tools are required before starting the oil change process. The following are the items necessary to change the used car oil effectively:

  • Brand oil filter
  • New Oil
  • Drain plug cleaner
  • Funnel
  • Drain jug
  • Wrench
  • Ramps
  • Rugs
  • Protective gloves

It is recommended that you gather your tools beforehand to avoid rushing in different directions, which can cause confusion or even accidental oil spills. This method also will reduce the effort input you use when rushing and reduces time wastage. All the supplies should be closer to you, including filters.

3. Car Preparation

An effective oil change should be done when your car is warm. When it is cold or too hot, the oil change process will not be successful. For safety, you can as well change before setting into any task.

4. Remove Old Filter and Oil

Place the filter together with the drain plug and drain all the oil carefully. Place the drain jug under the drain plug to collect the drained oil to avoid spills. Once it is all drained, clean the drain plug and make an immediate replacement if required while tightening the plug. The next step is to remove the oil filter with the drain jug beneath. Have rags near you to clear up accidental mistakes.

5. Install New Filter and Oil

Install new filter and tighten well to prevent excess oil spillage. Add your new oil at a tilted angle to avoid spilling to oil surfaces. Then run the engine for about 30 seconds for complete oil circulation. Shut it down and allow it to cool while looking if any part is leaking. Confirm oil level again and if it is less, add the remaining. Lastly, dispose well your old oil and filters, and at this point, you are good to go. In regard to waste oil, most auto repair shops can take your used oil with no charges.

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