Maintain Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Used Car Calgary Maintenance
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Proper maintenance of your car is essential in maintaining its resale value and reducing headaches caused by sudden breakdowns. Poor maintenance of a used vehicle means your car will have to visit a mechanic more often, involving more expenses you could have avoided with planned maintenance.

The point here is maintenance should have a spot in our schedule because it means:

  • Fewer
  • It’s cheaper than having to repair your
  • It’s safer, and you won’t get surprises while

So, what can you do to keep your car in a good performance? Last time we shared some thoughts on picking the right used car in Calgary. There we talked about maintenance and its influence on a used car’s price. This time we will develop that idea to give you more input about this, so you can be sure your vehicle is in prime condition.

Used Car Maintenance

These tips will help you reduce your car’s time with the auto mechanic and make you feel confident about your car’s reliability. Of course, this is not written in a stone. Show this article to your used car dealer and ask him whether he might add something that would help you drive safely and reduce expenses.

Follow expert advice

When first faced with an issue, we all need guidance. Where can you find that? Researching the web for clues is a good option, but you might want to consult:

Change oil frequently

Oil changes will keep all your car lubricated and prevent future damages. It is advised to change oil frequently, as per the owner’s manual. When doing this, consider checking air and oil filters.

Check air and oil filters

Air filters should be changed once or twice a year. How would you know when the right time is for doing it? Well, it depends on how much you drive, so change it twice a year if your car spends more time in the streets than in the garage.

Regarding oil filters, these should be replaced at every oil change.

Inspect hoses and belts

Did you find a separated hose, or is it showing cracks or bulges? You might want it replaced. The same goes for the belts whenever you see signs of wear, including cracking, glazing and material loss.

Keep an eye on tires, brakes and wiper blades

You should check tires’ pressure, the brakes and wiper blades monthly to ensure they are working correctly. Replace when recommended by your manual or mechanic.

Clean battery corrosion

First, ensure your battery is fully disconnected. You can easily clean this with a bristled brush along with a solution of water and baking soda.

Clean your car regularly

Washing your used vehicle at least once a month can prevent paint corrosion from salt and dirt. Moreover, having your cars’ inside vacuumed frequently

Since you made it this far, you now have a better idea of what you can do by maintaining your car and enjoying it safely and economically. Following a maintenance schedule will keep your vehicle in good condition and usually leads to a higher price when reselling or trading into a used car dealer.

If you have questions, you can always contact our used car dealer in Calgary for more information. Prime Autos has a large selection of used cars for sale in Calgary, from cars, SUVs, trucks and more.

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