How to Retain Your Car’s Resale Value

Used Car Trade-In Calgary
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For many people, buying a car is a significant achievement. With a car your commute problems are solved, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.

However, a car comes with responsibilities, especially in regards to maintenance. A vehicle requires significant maintenance to help retain value. Think about it, when you go to buy something used – do you gravitate towards clean, well-maintained merchandise or worn-out, scuffed-up merchandise? You’re also likely to pay a higher price for something that looks as new as possible than something that seems noticeably old.

When you’ve used your car and begin thinking about reselling it or trading it in at a used car dealer, you’re going to have your vehicle valued by the dealership. Your used car dealer in Calgary will estimate your car’s value based on its physical condition and other factors.

Tips on How to Retain Your Car’s Value

If you’re wondering how to retain your car’s value, you came to the right place! We’ve got some great tips on how to get the most out of your used car when it comes to trading in or selling privately.

Updated Documentation

Potential buyers typically run background checks on cars to ensure the vehicles are not stolen or illegally acquired. To give them peace of mind, ensure that you’ve got all the forms filled out and documentation compiled for your car. Cars with up-to-date documentation attesting to their ownership and legitimacy are valued higher than cars without any documentation.

Additionally, to be extra careful and thorough, you ought to save all the receipts that come with the changes to your car. So, for example, you had your car serviced or the oil changed; keep the receipt so used car dealers and potential buyers can trace the timeline. This will let them know that you’ve been taking care of your vehicle throughout the time you had it.


To retain your car’s value for a vehicle trade-in or resale at a used cars dealer, you need to make sure your car’s appearance is in good condition. This means making repairs on any scuff marks, scratches or dents.

You may not know this, but your car’s headlights become foggy and smudged as they age, and your car can also develop rust; these are things you need to look out for, prevent, or fix before you have your car valued.


A lot of people let problems persist and sink in before they find the time to address it. We recommend trying to fix any issues that arise as soon as possible. Staying on top of things will retain your car’s value in the long run.


When you own a car, you might want to add some personalized accessories and customise your vehicle according to your taste. However, this might compromise your car’s value for resale and trade-in. Potential buyers don’t want giant customized stickers, covers, and other glaring modifications on the car. If you want to retain the value of your car, try to keep it in the same good condition you got it in.


Keeping an eye on your car’s mileage is another important aspect of value retention. How many miles your vehicle has run is a deciding factor for its value. We don’t suggest not using your car; however, avoid using it if alternatives like accessible public transit are available.

Wear and Tear

Many people use their car for more than transportation; maybe to help out a friend who needs to transport heavy machinery somewhere, or perhaps to make some extra cash on the side by offering rides to people. Excessive recreational use can cause your vehicle to wear and tear over time, so we recommend being extra careful.


The interior of your vehicle needs just as much attention as the exterior. Seats can get worn, torn, and stained over time. You can take preventative measures like seat covers or get your car cleaned out before getting it valued.

Regular Servicing

Regular servicing is one of the best things you can do for your car. Servicing helps keep your car in the best condition so you can get the best value for it later down the road.

Used Car Trade-Ins Calgary

A car is an excellent investment if you do your best to take care of it while you have it. Follow these tips to retain your car’s resale and trade-in value in the long run. Contact us at Prime Autos if you are searching to trade in your used car in Calgary.

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